Day 1

Beat-making techniques

– Develop a better understanding of music production fundamentals

– Learn a deeper level of why certain techniques are used

– Learn from over 20 years experience of music production

– Layering samples & secret techniques

– Exploring themes and song concepts

– Showing examples of cohesive writing session templates

Day 2

Mix set-up

– Be able to identify what important elements are needed to make items stand out

– Understanding specific mixing tools such as Equalisation, filtering and compression

– Develop and enhance your sound to a professional level

– Understand how to approach your mixes and spend less time mixing as a result

Day 3

Mastering Session

– Yoad will provide a full & interactive demonstration on mastering

– Understand the processing chain for mastering

– Know the general settings on processors to get a better sound.

Full Agenda : Day 1   Day 2   Day 3